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Daily Mask | Advanced

Disappointing Fit

Excellent material and design, but the fit is only for those with a small face. Very disappointed in thia mask!

Great for large faces and works well with glasses

I got the Advanced mask as I’ve had issues with other masks not being big enough to cover my chin and nose comfortably. The Advanced is big enough that I get great coverage without it shifting around when speaking. My biggest concern before ordering was whether it would fog up my glasses without having a wire nose bridge but I’m happy to report that with the nose piece pulled up high enough I get zero fogging. If it’s not high enough I do get pretty significant fogging but it’s easily fixed and the mask stays in place once I have it in position. Highly recommended for larger faces and/or people with glasses.

Comfortable and Stylish

After about 8 months of wearing those blue surgical masks, I was getting tired of how boring they were, however safe. Once I realized the pandemic wasn't going away anytime soon, I decided I wanted something more stylish so at least I could feel good about how I looked while out of the house. Having said that, I also understood the safety of those blue surgical masks and needed something that was just as protective and filtered.

The Airhole masks are the perfect choice for me. Despite not having a wire to pinch the nose bridge, the masks fit in such a way that they wrap over your nose and under your chin, with the adjustable ear straps allowing you to tighten the mask up so it sits more flush to your nose.

Washing is easy too. The mask directions advise to wash by hand and then tumble dry. I wash mine before bed then hang to dry and it's dry by morning, so no need to waste the hydro on a dryer cycle.

Masks are also filtered appropriately. I cannot blow out a lighter/candle while wearing this mask, even from a few inches away, which is the same performance as those blue surgical masks from before, so I feel like I'm not a danger to others while I'm out getting groceries.

Great masks that are comfortable, easy to clean/reuse, and are sleek and stylish enough that I feel like I'm able to add it to my outfit as a purposeful choice (I got multiple colours) during the pandemic. No complaints.

Great masks

These masks are better than I expected, just a heads up though if you have a large face like myself they do fit a bit small, I expected it as they are o/s masks.