Standard Wing | Neoprene | Arbutus


The Standard Wing Neoprene is a highly technical cross between a neck gaiter and facemask. Featuring an ergonomic shape, super soft velcro, laser cut vents & a hypoallergenic finish it is incredibly comfortable to wear all day long. The signature direct injected silicone Airhole provides a clear passage for breath, preventing moisture build up which causes a cold, wet face. Neoprene fabric is a blend of synthetic rubbers to give incredible comfort, warmth and performance to keep you warm and dry in all conditions.


+ Direct Injected Silicone Airhole
+ Neoprene Fabric Construction
+ Laser Cut Ergo Vents
+ Super Soft Velcro
+ Neoprene Fabric: 100% Neoprene Face, 100% Polyester Fleece Body
+ Quick Drying
+ Hypoallergenic
+ Ergonomic Shape
+ Extreme Function Mask