Special Projects

Dope Industries

Dope Industries continues to push out edits and media while launching into hardwoods and up cycling vintage military outerwear. Brockle has been instrumental in the local Canadian scene, cultivating new talent and educating them on the rich Canadian snowboard history.

Tyler Ravelle

"This was the first place I ever rode a snowmobile and the ease of endless backcountry access through this corridor makes it hard to ride anywhere else. Year after year, I continue to shoot these peaks and every year they seem to draw me in more."

Mason Mason

"The scale of the landscape is incomprehensible in Alaska. It's only from air that things come into perspective; it's massive and beautiful. This particular captured moment is of the Knik Glacier when the ice was exposed to the constant radiation of the summer solstice. The glaciers themselves are also in a fleeting state with the effects of climate change."

Blake Jorgenson

"The ravens have special lore in the mountains, I think all photographers are on the search for a special ravens image to represent this lore and connection to the mountains and this one happens to be mine. They mate for life and never get a partner if separated. There is a strong metaphor of commitment and unity with the closest of companions just like life in the mountains that is very special in all our hearts."

Chad Chomlack

"Often my favourite images emerge and are born in moments of stillness and silence...this image came from that space."

Russell Winfield

Uncle Russ is a namestay in snowboarding. His iconic graphics on Ride Snowboards combined with his riding style created an everlasting persona. Carrying on his legacy, Russell continues to ride, influence, and inspire the next generation of snowboarders. This collection celebrates this living legend.